Hi filmmaker! My name is Henrik Holmberg and I write horror and suspense scripts - perfect for microbudget filmmaking.

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How much does a script cost to buy?

4% of your movie's budget


A teen girl and her friends search for her missing boyfriend in the forest - only to encounter a deranged hermit who hates people and kills anyone coming too close.

Genre: Horror/slasher

Sara's boyfriend Robert goes for a jog in the forest and never comes back. Sara and her friends search for him. Soon they find him murdered. Next they're attacked by a crazy hermit living in the forest - and he wants to kill them all.

Gas Chamber

Four friends get trapped in an abandoned Nazi gas chamber where a haunting evil still exists.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Selfish Lucas and his girlfriend, along with two friends, visit an abandoned Nazi gas chamber from World War II. When they get trapped inside - a supernatural force brings the gas chamber back to its former glory, and history starts repeating itself! Lucas must now change his selfish ways to be able to save his girlfriend from a certain death.

Deadly Dad

A nervous boyfriend meets his girlfriend's overprotective father who hates him and wants him dead.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Alexander meets his girlfriend's father Zane for the first time. It's a disaster. Zane is a strong bodybuilder who does everything in his power to humiliate Alexander. When they go out hunting in the forest Alexander realizes Zane actually wants to kill him.

Fantasy Friend

A young woman must confront the deadly imaginary friend from her childhood.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Teri receives the devastating news that her parents have been murdered. She returns to her family home to arrange a funeral and sell the house. But someone is waiting for her. The imaginary friend from her childhood. And he holds a grudge.

Women of Vengeance

Four drugged men wake up in a house in the countryside only to discover they're held prisoners by four women wanting deadly revenge.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Ryan wakes up in an unknown house in the countryside alongside three other men. They have no idea how they got there. Soon four masked women from the men's past appear - demanding justice and vengeance.

Suicide Trail

A group of teens walk along a nature trail where people go to commit suicide, and soon the teens feel an urge to kill themselves.

Genre: Horror

Teen girl Nova and her friends decide to test a local legend about a nearby nature trail nicknamed "Suicide trail". According to the legend anyone walking along the trail is overpowered by suicidal thoughts. As the teens set foot on the trail their minds go to dark places and the only escape seem to be - suicide. Will anyone get home alive?