The Headsman

Close to their new house a couple discovers an old execution ground where a thirst for blood has been awakened.

Genre: Supernatural horror

David and his wife move to a remote country house. Soon they stumble upon an old, abandoned execution ground from 1874. David develops an obsession with the place and has a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality. He suspects the place has been awakened and the cruel executioner, the Headsman, has returned.

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Suicide House

A supernatural force tries to drive a family to suicide.

Genre: Supernatural horror

A teen girl moves into a new house in the country with her mom and stepdad. Soon the girl tries to commit suicide. When she claims a supernatural force was behind it no one believes her.
She’s placed in a clinic for observation, but now the rest of the family is in danger!

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Satan’s forest

On a camping trip a family’s worst fears come true in Satan’s forest.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Todd, a former soldier, takes his wife and three kids camping in the forest. Soon he hears gunshots and suspects enemies around every corner. His wife claims it’s post traumatic stress disorder, but he’s getting more paranoid by the minute.
The other family members also have to face their inner demons and worst fears.
A supernatural force seems to be in control, creating their own personal hell from which there is no escape.

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The Creation

In an occult ritual a girl makes a drawing of a perfect boyfriend. Soon he comes alive – stalking her!

Genre: Horror/thriller

A lonely Goth-girl makes an occult ritual creating her perfect boyfriend. But soon she finds out nobody’s perfect. He becomes obsessive and starts stalking her, and in the end his desire turns deadly.

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The Collector

A collector of haunted objects unleashes dark forces in his own home.

Genre: Horror

A collector of haunted objects keeps buying things, convinced one of them will be genuine.
The fascination for the supernatural soon turns dangerous as several objects seem to be the real deal.
In the end his house turns into a haunted maelstrom where death waits around every corner.

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The Night He Came Back

A woman kills her abusive husband but he keeps terrorizing her from beyond the grave.

Genre: Ghost horror

Bianca is miserable. Her husband Zane is a steroid-taking bodybuilder who abuses her. She kills him to finally be free of his terror.
Soon she sees signs that he has returned. Could it be his ghost seeking revenge?
Bianca must prepare for a final showdown.

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