Suicide House

A supernatural force tries to drive a family to suicide.

Genre: Supernatural horror

A teen girl moves into a new house in the country with her mom and stepdad. Soon the girl tries to commit suicide. When she claims a supernatural force was behind it no one believes her.
She’s placed in a clinic for observation, but now the rest of the family is in danger.

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The Path

A skeptic teen and his friends investigate a cursed path in the woods. Soon it takes a deadly turn.

Genre: Horror/found footage

Kyle is a skeptic and wants to do a documentary about a local superstition. He and his friends head out into the woods to walk along an old path. According to the legend the path was cursed by an Indian medicine man.
Soon bad things happen to the teens and the struggle for survival begins. Kyle now has to face the unthinkable – the curse is very much real.

Low-budget script. Meant to be filmed documentary/Blair Witch-style.

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Death Camp

Haunted by the sins of his Nazi-grandfather a young man visits an abandoned German concentration camp where evil still exists.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Scott is shocked to find out his dead grandfather was a Nazi officer in a concentration camp during World War II.
When Scott and some tourists visit the abandoned camp in Germany they discover a deadly evil that still exists within these walls.

Script in low/mid-budget range.

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