Women of Vengeance

Four drugged men wake up in a house in the countryside only to discover they’re held prisoners by four women wanting deadly revenge.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Ryan wakes up in an unknown house in the countryside alongside three other men. They have no idea how they got there. Soon four masked women from the men’s past appear – demanding justice and vengeance.

Fantasy Friend

A young woman must confront the deadly imaginary friend from her childhood.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Teri receives the devastating news that her parents have been murdered. She returns to her family home to arrange a funeral and sell the house. But someone is waiting for her. The imaginary friend from her childhood. And he holds a grudge.


Gamblers owing a loan shark lots of money are kidnapped and forced to gamble for their lives.

Genre: Thriller

Scott is a gambler owing a loan shark lots of money. Scott and six other gamblers in debt are forced at gunpoint to a house where the loan shark awaits. He now forces them to gamble for their lives. If they live or die will be decided by games of chance and pure luck.

A Nazi Haunting

When a couple moves into a house once built by a Nazi – they soon find out a supernatural evil still remains within these walls.

Genre: Supernatural horror

Ryan and Peyton move into a remote house in the country. Soon they’re tortured by visions of a Nazi officer who once built the house. History starts repeating itself and Nazi horror lurks around every corner.


Three young women with a troubled past visit a sugardaddy who pushes their limits to see what they’re willing to do for money.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Emma is in desperate need of money to stop her mom from getting evicted. She registers on a sugardating website and comes in contact with a sugardaddy. While visiting his house she discovers two other young women already there – also wanting money. The sugardaddy now explores their troubled past to see what they’re willing to do for money. It soon turns deadly. Will anyone get out of there alive?

The Masked Artist

Art critics known for giving bad reviews are trapped in a gallery by a masked artist who wants them dead.

Genre: Horror

Art critic Sam and his colleagues are invited to a gallery to see new paintings from the mysterious masked artist. The critics have all given him bad reviews in the past. They’re shocked to discover the new paintings show their own death-faces. Soon the critics get trapped inside the gallery and they realize the masked artist wants to kill them all!