Coming home

When a teen student comes home to visit her parents – they’ve disappeared without a trace, and soon she’s terrorized in the house by an unknown stalker.

Genre: Horror/thriller

When a teen girl returns home to her parents’ house in the country – she can’t find mom or dad anywhere. They’re missing. Soon the girl gets weird text messages from an unknown stalker. Terror escalates when the parents are found dead! The girl now realizes the stalker is coming for her next!

The Haunting of John O’Brian

A manufacturer of knives is haunted by the dead people who were killed by his knives.

Genre. Supernatural horror

John O’Brian is a knife manufacturer having bloody hallucinations. His shrink claims John feels guilty because knives are the most common murder weapon in the country. The shrink suggests some time off to relax in the forest. But things get worse for John as he’s experiencing scary visions there too. He now understands he’s haunted by ghosts who were murdered by his knives – and they want revenge on him.

Suicide Trail

A group of teens walk along a nature trail where people go to commit suicide, and soon the teens feel an urge to kill themselves.

Genre: Horror

Teen girl Nova and her friends decide to test a local legend about a nearby nature trail nicknamed “Suicide trail”. According to the legend anyone walking along the trail is overpowered by suicidal thoughts. As the teens set foot on the trail their minds go to dark places and the only escape seem to be – suicide. Will anyone get home alive?

Deadly Dad

A nervous boyfriend meets his girlfriend’s overprotective father who hates him and wants him dead.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Alexander meets his girlfriend’s father Zane for the first time. It’s a disaster. Zane is a strong bodybuilder who does everything in his power to humiliate Alexander. When they go out hunting in the forest Alexander realizes Zane actually wants to kill him.

Never walk up the stairs

A female student rents a room in a house in the countryside where the landlady treats her as a daughter and wants her to stay forever – replacing the real, disabled daughter kept prisoner in a locked room.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Isabelle is a teen student renting a room in a house in the countryside. She’s warned by her landlady to “never walk up the stairs”. When she breaks that rule she finds a locked room upstairs. Inside the room the landlady’s real, disabled daughter sits in a wheelchair. Isabelle realizes the landlady is crazy and wants Isabelle to replace the real daughter forever.


Gamblers owing a loan shark lots of money are kidnapped and forced to gamble for their lives.

Genre: Thriller/horror

Scott is a gambler owing a loan shark lots of money. Scott and six other gamblers in debt are forced at gunpoint to a house where the loan shark awaits. He now forces them to gamble for their lives. If they live or die will be decided by games of chance and pure luck.