Madame Blood

Teen girls alone in a house are terrorized by a female serial killer wanting their blood.

Genre: Horror/slasher

Contained (one location)

Can be made on a micro-budget.

Little sister Zara is designated driver for her big sister Holly and her teen pals. They’re spending the day at a friend’s house in the countryside. But the friend is missing when they arrive.
Zara glimpses an old lady outside in the distance, dressed in black, with a sharp sickle in her hand. The others try to spook Zara by claiming the old lady might be a famous legend: the serial killer Madame Blood. She only kills young women, wanting to drink their blood to try and stay young.
But the legend seems all too real, because soon the teens are murdered one by one! Zara must now stay alive to save her sister and defeat this deranged serial killer!

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